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Sightseeing〜Ito and Izu-kogen

【Note】There is admission fee is changed by changing the sales tax.

■  Ito and Izu-kogen ┃ Higashi-izu,Naka-izu,shimoda ┃--------┃ Spring SummerAutumnWinter ■

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 Ito-city[Komuro Mt. park]・・・About 15 min. from Ito St. by Car

 The view from the top of a mountain is good.
 "Azalea" from April through May is especially splendid in a flowery park.


 Ito-city[Jyogasaki kaigan]・・・20 min. walk from Jyougasaki kaigan st.
 There is famous for Suspension Bridge of 23m in height that hangs
 in the cliff thrilling.

 Ito-city[lake-ippeki]・・・About 15 min. from Izu kogen St. by Car

 Lake of one Izu peninsula that is called "Pupil of Izu".
 Lake surrounding 4Km

 Ito-cityOomuro-Mountain・・・About 8 min. from Izu kogen St. by Car
 Even Izu Oshima, the Amagi mountains, and Mt. Fuji are good at the view if going up
 to the top of above the sea 581m taking the lift.
 Burning the dead grass of a hill is held in the spring of every year.

  There are "Izu cactus park" and "Cherry blossoms-park" to be near.

Ito-city Izu cactus park・・・About 8 min. from Izu kogen St. by Car

 Happy park with animal and plant like nature.
 There can be a lot of cactuses all over the world, and it enjoy
 the cactus hunting. (JPY 1,800/Person・No holiday)

 Ito-city[Cherry blossoms-park]・・・About 7min. from Izu kogen St. by Car

 It is in the foot in Mt.Omuro and can enjoy cherry blossoms for a long term.


 Ito-cityOrger-Music box museum]・・・6 min. walk from Izu kogen St.

 The mechanical instrument in the world such as music boxes and phonographs and organs
 has been exhibited. The performance of 30 minutes every hour can be heard.  
  (JPY 800/Person・No holiday)


 Ito-cityIzu Teddy Bear Museum・・・9 min. walk from Izu kogen St.

 Museum where a lot of Teddy Bear of rich individuality has been exhibited.
 Favorite Teddy Bear and the commemoration taking a picture are OK.
 (JPY 1,000/Person)

(Holiday:The second Tuesday in February, March, June, and December. The third Wednesday in June.)