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Captain's Cabin in Izu-kogen  Yahatano 1588-130,Ito-City,Shizuoka,Japan  Post Code:413-0232

The Izu peninsula is clemently called California in Japan.

Sightseeing - Higashi-izu, Naka-izu, and Shimoda

【Note】There is admission fee is changed by changing the sales tax.

The guide of this page is a popular spot among the tourist.

■  Ito and Izu-kogen ┃ Higashi-izu,Naka-izu,shimoda ┃--------┃ Spring SummerAutumnWinter ■

Atagawa 〜 Kawaz

k-bananawani.JPG Atagawa:Banana and Crocodile Farm
  It is 1 minute on foot from Atagawa St..
  Tropical garden in which it is top of Japan in crocodilian kind.
  The sightseeing of a tropical botanical garden can be done.
  JP\1,000/adult(no holiday)


k-baiopark.JPG Inatori Animal Kingdom
  It is about ten minutes by bus from Inatori St..
  The animal of 40 about 350 kinds,it in a vast amusement park.
  It looks down at the Sagami open sea. A large Ferris wheel recommends.

 Imaihama-kaigan:Seaside resort
  The seaside resort of Imaihama-kaigan is 4 minutes on foot from
  Imaihamakaigan St..
  It crowds in the tourist in summer because beautiful sea.
  It is of the recommendation of us.

 Kawazu:Cherry blossoms festival
  It is 5 minutes on foot from Kawazu St..
  It is famous because it blooms earlier than other places.
  It is the rose berry cherry blossoms.
  <Season>From the middle of February to the beginning of March.

k-bagatelle.JPG Kawazu Bagatelle Park
   It is eight minutes in the shuttle bus from Kawazu St..(Shuttle bus:Adult JP\100)
  It is born as the sisters garden in Parc de Bagatelle in Paris
  known worldwideas famous Rose Garden. Please enjoy 6,000 roses.
  JP\1,000/adult(no holiday)


[Kawazu loop bridge]
  It is about 15〜20 minutes by car from Kawazu St...
  Road of huge loop type of 80m in diameter.Please note driving.


k-taki1.JPGk-taki2.JPG [Kawazu 7 waterfalls]
   It is about 15〜20 minutes by car from Kawazu St...
  Between stroll roads of 2Km in the Kawazu banks of a river, there are big
   and small seven waterfalls.
  There is a bath in the waterfall and bring the swim wear,please in summer.

k-tonnel.JPG  [The old Amagi tunnel]
  It is about 20 minutes by car from Kawazu St..
  Tunnel that became stage of movie "Odoriko in Izu".
  The inside seems to be cold, and to remain old air.


k-jyourentaki.GIF The waterfall of Jyouren
  It is about 25〜30 minutes by car from Kawazu St..
  Waterfall of 7m in width and 25m in height in this mountain stream.
  In the spray,chilly atmosphere at midsummer.
  A special product here is soft ice cream with the horseradish.


 [The Shirahama seaside resort]

  Shirahama seaside resort is between Kawazu St. and Shimoda St..
  It is about 20 minutes by car from Kawazu St. and Shimoda St..
  Beautiful white sands beach extend 1.5Km.
  It crowds in summer, and the sea of the offseason is also good.


 [The Izu-cruise]
It is about 5 minutes by car from Shimoda St..
  It is a steam sailer of the black ship that tours in the Shimoda
  port spending 20 minutes.   JP\920/adult (no holiday)


 Shimoda aquarium in the sea
  It is about 7 minutes by car from Shimoda St..
  Round aquarium that floats on sea by using creek.
  There are the dolphin and the sea dog show.
  JP\1,700/adult(no holiday)