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【Recommendation on Autumn】 The Izu peninsula is clemently called California in Japan.

 ■  Ito and Izu-kogen Higashi-izu,Naka-izu,shimoda ┃--------┃ SpringSummer┃Autumn┃ Winter ■
〜“Autumn tint Shuzennji-Nijinosato "〜


  Autumn tint festival:End of November〜Beginning of December
  Famous of autumn tint in Izu peninsula.
  Scenery can be seen in the autumn of a Japanese, and golden color swamp cypress etc.
  About 30 minutes from Izu-kogen by car.
 〜Enjoy! “Mandarin orange picking”

  Information It is possible from autumn to spring.
  The sightseeing mandarin orange garden where 17 exists in the Ito city.
  "Mandarin orange picking" a view of the sea is good.
  The charge:JP\400〜/person (Have the change according to time. )
  *The take-out is possible by another charge.


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