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【Recommendation on Winter】 The Izu peninsula is clemently called California in Japan.

 ■  Ito and Izu-kogen Higashi-izu,Naka-izu,shimoda ┃--------┃ SpringSummerAutumn┃ Winter ■
〜Izu-Ocean park :Rape blossoms〜

 Information It was raised by about 300 square meters in the garden that
  was able to be looked about Izu Oshima in the field.
  Rape blossoms are about 10,000 stocks.
  The best season of rape blossoms is from the middle of January
  to the middle of March.
  *Suspension Bridge in Jogasaki is near from here.
〜Enjoy! “Mandarin orange picking”〜

 Mandarin orange picking in nature It is good on the day of nice weather.

 Usami District (Usami St. is about 30 min. by Train from Izu-Kogen St.)

 Charge: JP\400〜 (The season changes)

〜Kawazu cherry blossoms festival〜

  Information From the middle of February to the beginning of March.
  It is 5 minutes on foot from Kawazu St..
  It is famous because it blooms earlier than other places.
  It is the rose berry cherry blossoms.
  The row of cherry blossoms continues about 3km.
  *It is 30 minutes from Captain's Cabin to Kawazu by car.


 Mt. Omuro
  It is 8 minutes by car from Izu-kogen St..
  It is famous for burning the dead grass of a hill.
  The second Sunday February every year.(Postpone at rain)
  The burning the dead grass of a hill is a traditional eventthat continues for
   700 years or more.
  The burning is at noon,about 30 minutes.


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