Captain's Cabin in Izu-kogen (JAPAN)

Free!! Wireless LAN connection service

To the customer who hopes for the connection of the Internet with bringing note PC.

 When the customer's note PC meets the following requirement, the Internet can
 be connected.

1. It has a wireless, connected function of wireless LAN standard protocol and
  IEEE8 02.11b・IEEE802.11g.
2. A wireless function should be able to be used for Mac by the AirMac card's

・This service can use only the guest room and the dining room.
・Because the reception sensitivity depends on the ability of PC, it is not 100%
 guarantee to use it in all guest rooms.
・Only the environment that wireless connects the Internet with the customer is
 offered in this pavilion, and the setting such as personal computers is a customer.
・It doesn't correspond to BlueTooth.