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Bed & Breakfast style Resort Inn
Captain's Cabin in Izu-Kogen (Japan)

Welcome. Travel to Japan.@Captain's Cabin is a small B&B hotel in Izu-kogen. @
Izu-kogen is two hours by train from Tokyo.

It is in the east coast in the Izu peninsula (East side of Shizuoka Pref.),
and famous of nature and hot spring.

Famous Mt. Fuji and Izu peninsula are in Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan.

We are looking forward to meeting you, one of these days.

@The guest from foreign countries came all over the world as follows.
@China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, U.S.A., France, Switzerland,Germany, Netherlands, Belgium,@
@Australia,and Peru, etc.
@Thank you for staying in Captain's Cabin in Izu-kogen in Japan.@We are looking foward to meeting you again.
Ÿ Our Information and Useful information for Tourist from foreign countries Ÿ

@‘@ Ito and Izu-kogen „« Higashi-izu,Naka-izu,shimoda „«---„« Spring „« Summer„«Autumn„« Winter@‘


sGuest Roomst--- 8 rooms in allFMaximum: 20 peoples
@There are two types of Western-style guest rooms.

@‘Guest Room with shower booth/13 Sq.meters
@@ (4 roomsFtwin-beded only)
@@Reasonable simple room with washing stand and comfortable shower.
@@There is a rest room besides the room. (Rest room is not in the room.)

@‘Deluxe guest Room (photo)/18 Sq.meters
@ (4 roomsFtwin-beded and triple-beded)
@ With bath,rest room, washing stand, and sofa.
@@All roomsFwith Television and Air conditioner @
y Free!! Wi-Fi z

y Free Amenities z@ Bath towel,Shampoo, Soap, Toothbrush, and Hair drier
@@@@@@@@@@gYukata (Japanese style night wear)h charge: JPY 200/person

s Japanese style Public Bath t
Both the germanium open-air bath and the hot spring rock bath can be used free!

The germanium bathing is popular among the customer of "Cold character".
Please try once by all means.

The female this will and family can use it by locking at ease because there is both keys in the entrance door.

There are shampoo,conditioner and body soap.

@@mUse timen
@@@Open-air bath --- 3:30PM ` 11:00PM
@@@Hot spring rock bath --- 3:30PM ` 10:00AM (Next morning)
ˆΙ“€” ͺ‚ΜŠΟŒυ‚ΙˆΙ“€‚Œ΄‚̏h:‘έΨ˜I“V•—˜C

Outdoor hot spring in grove Atmosphere is full of the sea.

ˆΙ“€” ͺ‚ΜŠΟŒυ‚ΙˆΙ“€‚Œ΄‚̏h:‘D‚Μ•΅ˆΝ‹C‚̐H“°
s Cabin style Dining t

@Dinner in the cabin style dining is popular among everybody.

@European stylefood course in standard course.

@If you hope, gIse lobster japanese styled grillhcan be chosen
@ with an additional dish.

Ÿ Please see y Rates of stayingz page for details of the charge. Ÿ


Captain's Cabin in Izu-Kogen @1588-130 Yahatano, Ito-city, Shizuoka, Japan @Post Code:413-0232

Before calling the telephone. Please use Inquiry of vacancy Form for stay, after confirming the vacancy. Because there is fear of mistakes.